I'll be giving some talks this year-- come say hi!

I'm happy to speak at academic and community venues on topics related to my subject area expertise (trans studies, trans / queer literature, visual studies, and digital culture studies). I can also meet with undergraduates, grad students, and faculty to discuss pursuing non-academic careers with a humanities PhD, navigating the academic and non-academic job markets, and re-thinking graduate education. 

In addition, I can serve as a sensitivity reader / diversity reader for gender and sexuality issues in fiction and non-fiction, especially transgender representation. Rates are negotiable, but my base fee is $250 for a full-length manuscript (60K words). I’ve worked with mainstream novelists at big presses and small audio producers on shoe-string podcasts, and I’m happy to work with you too. If you’re interested, email me at the address below.

Email: ca8sg [at] virginia [dot] edu

Twitter: @cassius_a

Academia.edu: https://virginiafoundation.academia.edu/CassiusAdair